Our Services

Our advantage among other chauffeur services is our consistent prompt service. Moreover, these services are designed in a unique and flexible way to address the various requirements of our mounting clients.
We categorize our service into two major divisions and these are Individual Services and Corporate Services.

Personal Use

  • Personal appointments
  • Social Occasions (wedding, etc.)
  • Leisure Travel
  • Enjoy Night Life (dining out, drinking and having fun)
  • Medically unfit to drive (vision impairment, long-term medical treatment)


  • Business Owners
  • Property Firms
  • Hotel / Hospitality
  • Night Clubs
  • Events
  • Road Shows
  • Meetings

We also have the infrastructure and resources to provide the following services:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Staff Transportation
  • Valet Parking Services
  • Chauffeur Outsourcing